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Posted 21 March 2005 - 08:07 PM

Posting pictures on the Hunting Resource Forums:

Posting pictures on the forums is a lot easier than most people think.
There are really only a couple things you need to know in order to get started.

1) Your pictures must be "hosted" somewhere on the internet.
It isn't good enough to simply have a scan of your photo(s) saved to your hard drive. You need to upload the pictures to a web server somewhere in order to get an address or URL for the picture.

1a) Getting hosted via your ISP. (Recommended)
Most internet service providers offer free limited web server space to their customers. Contact your ISP to find out if you have such service provided. If your ISP does provide web server space for customers, then you will simply need to sign up for an account to upload your photos. (Follow the instructions that the ISP supplies.)

1b) Getting hosted for FREE via the Hunting Resource Image Gallery!
Simply visit the Gallery and start an album of your own by navigating to the appropriate category for your image(s) and clicking the "NewAlbum" button.
(If needed, instructions can be found in the Help section.)

1c) Getting hosted via another provider.
Several companies supply web server space for online photo hosting. (A Google search for "Image Hosting" is a good place to start.) Some are free services and some are pay services. Just be sure that if you go this route that the host allows hyper-linking to your images!

So, you now have your photos hosted on the internet. Where do you go from there?

2) Know your photo posting code.
In order to make your photos appear in a post on the forums, you must use what is commonly known as "UBB" or "BB" code. In order to post a picture, for example, the code format is as follows...


2a) If using the Hunting Resource Image Gallery simply visit the desired image and locate the "BBCode" box to the right of the image. This will supply properly formatted code for you! Click on the code to highlight it and then copy that code to your computer's clipboard by pressing "Ctrl" and "C" on your keyboard. (Mac users "Command" and "C".) Next, begin a reply or topic on this or any web forum and paste the code you just copied by pressing "Ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard. (Mac users "Command" and "V".)

2b) If using web space elsewhere: In order to find the address of your hosted photo(s), go to the website where your photo(s) are hosted and access your account. Then, "right-click" on the particular photo you are trying to post. A menu will open below your pointer and the word "properties" will be at the bottom of the list. Scroll down to properties and left-click. A box will open and one of the items listed will be the Address (URL): of the photo. Simply highlight that address by holding down your left mouse button and scrolling over the entire address. Then right-click over the highlighted address and select "copy" from the menu that appears.

Note: If no such box appears when you right-click on your photo, then you may not be on the "final" display page of the photo. Try left-clicking on the photo a time or two until left-clicking no longer opens a new page and then repeat the above right-click instructions.

Once you have the address of your photo "copied", simply return to the Hunting Resource Forums and begin to make a post or reply as normal. Right above the text box you will see a button with "IMG" printed on it. Click on that button and a prompt will appear asking for the address of the image you wish to post. Simply "right-click" in that prompt and select "paste" from the menu. This should place the address of your photo in the prompt. Click "OK" and you are there!


It's just that simple. Happy pic posting!

Please practice your new found picture posting skill in this "test" forum to make sure you have all the bugs worked out. This will keep the other forums from becoming cluttered with test posts. Our staff is also here for you if you would need further assistance getting your images posted to the forums. Just ask your image posting and BB Code questions here.

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