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Praise Report & Prayer Request

Praise Report Prayer Request Cancer

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 10:24 PM

I have kept this one offline for a while, but now feel pressed to share. It is both a praise report and prayer request in one.

I have an uncle who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer approximately three years ago. At the time, the cancer appeared to be localized. It had supposedly not spread to the other side of the diaphragm (to the stomach) and was deemed successfully surgically removed. All things considered, my uncle seemed to bounce right back rather quickly.

Naturally, any time you go through something like that you are followed rather closely by your doctor(s)/surgeon afterward. Time passed and my uncle eventually got word that one of his scans revealed that cancer had invaded his stomach. At that time, they elected to utilize radiation and chemotherapy treatment. The plan was to at least significantly reduce the size of the tumor, of not eradicate it, and go from there. For several months, all reports were that the treatment was working as well as could be expected. Other than the severe illness that chemotherapy causes, my uncle still seemed to be hanging in there okay.

Within the past couple months, my uncle received a drastically different report that some of his tests revealed that the cancer had metastasized (spread to his lymph system and possibly his one lung). At that time he was deemed Stage IV. (For those of you that are unaware, there is no Stage V.)

Now, this is the point where most people faint, if you will. Even friends and family around someone in that situation often lose heart. I know that, for me, I really had nothing to offer my uncle but my prayers. At first, I didn't even want to call or see him... Because I was afraid that it may be perceived as "telling him goodbye". That was the absolute last thing I wanted to put him through. However, when it came down to it, I knew that I had to have some form of contact regardless of any possible negative perception. My uncle and I had a very short phone conversation. Indeed, all I had to offer of real value was that I would continue to lift him in prayer. (Though I am ashamed to admit it, I had become somewhat lax in my prayers where my uncle was concerned prior to the "really bad news". It seemed as though things were "going okay". I had just talked with my cousin, my uncle's son, a few weeks prior and he said his dad was hanging in there. I guess that I had become complacent with such things. But, when we got that new bad news, it was really like a kick in the pants again that this was very serious stuff. Again, it never should have had to be that way. But, thank God that at least there was a "warning" for us to get our act together... As I assume I was not the only one to fall into the same rut.)

Last week I received a phone call from my uncle. He called to tell me of the results of his latest scan. It revealed that the stomach tumor was actually gone. In fact, with the exception of a small spot on his one lung that the doctors are still not even sure is cancer, his scan was completely clear. Many will read that and believe that either the earlier or the latest scan was simply incorrect. But, as for us we believe in the power of prayer and healing anointing. I tell you, even though I had already been thanking and praising God for healing my uncle before seeing the outward, physical manifestation (Romans 4:17; Mark 11:22-24), it was still an exciting moment to hear of this news.

Now, since then I have picked up a "prayer cloth" (Acts 19:11-12) from my church to give to my uncle, Philip "Tim" Ross, as he moves forward. (There is still that "uncertain spot" on his lung etc.) I would also like to humbly ask that everyone who reads this finds it well to lift my uncle in their prayers. We believe that only God knows the full length of my uncle's days upon this earth. While we do not and have never, in any way, ignored or made light of the reports or work of medical doctors, and fully support utilizing them, we do also believe that God has His own report where my Uncle Tim is concerned. At this time of prayer, we focus upon the heavenly report and believe that my uncle is cancer free by the stripes and shed blood of Jesus Christ. We give all praise, honor, and glory for this in, by, and through the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Thanks, everyone. May the fullness of God's blessing rest upon you.

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 08:13 PM

Will certainly put Phillip and his health situation on my prayer list. In fact I just stopped typing and said a little prayer. I lost my dad to cancer in 1989 and still miss him a lot. If possible you really should go see him soon most people in that serious struggle don't have many people visit. If nothing a visit can for a little while make them forget the struggle and feel a little more normal.
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