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A Double Hitter!

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 05:42 PM

My niece Cara and her second mulie buck ever...Montana mulie(2012)...
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Here is her story...(I didn't know her husband shot a buck too,till just now)....
Cara Leigh Blaylock
It was a warm November morning when my husband and I set off from the “Cat Master” to go fill our general deer tags. We left long before sunrise to be sure that we would be able to be in prime deer country at 7:19 which was shooting time. Jesse and I visited quietly as we drove along waiting for the sun to peak it’s rays over the mountain tops keeping our eyes open for glowing eyes in the trees. A...t 7:14 (ish) we had 4 deer cross the road right in front of us. Of course, because it was still a bit dark and before shooting time we let those ones live for another day. Jesse did ask me if we should maybe park the truck and go for a little walk about and see where they went to but my heart was set on getting further up the mountain before it got too light out. We drove for about another half mile and Jesse spotted a buck at the very top of the skyline just looking down at us. “Babe, can you make that shot”, he asks. Can I make that shot? Of course I can make that shot! I hop out of the truck with my mother in laws trusty rifle and get steadied. BAM!!!! The buck looks back down at us and to my amazement, doesn’t budge at all. Crap, I forgot that the bullets drop when the object you’re shooting at is higher than you. I walk around and try to get a better angle and decide after a few seconds to go back to my first choice. I steady my shaking hands again and aim above the shoulder that I could see and pull the trigger. I watch it through the scope drop on its front legs. “I got it!”, I shout at my husband. I looked back up at it just as it was rising back onto all fours and watched in horror as decided it was going to walk over the ridge. I fought back the stinging tears trying to well up in my eyes as I realized it was just wounded and not dead. This part is always the toughest for me. I slung the 30-06 over my shoulder and glance back at Jesse as he was pulling the truck off the road and out of the way. I start up the side of the mountain with him following quickly behind me. It felt like it took a half an hour to get up to the top although I know it was maybe about 3-5 minutes. As we were coming over the top of the ridge I spot my buck in a draw just down about 30 yards from me. It had been injured pretty good by my first hit which was right above the front shoulder. I steadied and took aim for the kill shot. As I shot Jesse saw more deer run from the sound out of the coulee and onto the side of the hill across from us. He set his sights on an even bigger looking buck than I had, laid down on the ground, and pulled the trigger. His buck laid down but Jesse realized he had shot it a bit high, and broke it’s back. Another quick kill shot and his tag was filled as well. While I’m never out for trophy hunting, there’s a certain amount of pride I take in today. I’ve been hunting with my dad and brothers since I was 14 and this is the biggest buck I’ve shot. This is also the biggest buck that my husband has ever shot and it would have never happened had I not had to take that second shot and spooked the rest of the deer in the draw out. I’m quite sure there will be many more instances in our live that we see how great of a team we make but this one is my favorite since we have been pronounced husband and wife. (And will be the last time I let him take the “bigger buck”)

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 09:36 AM

Great story Foss. Dang I got a little nervous just reading it. Congrats to the couple and their couple.
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Posted 10 November 2012 - 07:11 AM

Nice looking mulies foss, congrats to your niece and her husband.

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