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Posted 13 November 2012 - 01:14 PM

I was awake at 4:30 on the opening morning, which was the 7th. Made a thermos of earl grey packed all of my stuff out to the truck and was on my way. It was cold and crisp, and WINDY. Winds were gusting at 30 mph. I got to where I was going, and parked. There were does running around, and pheasants squawking everywhere. I decided that I would go for a walk. Dan was with me, and we had 2 ways to stay in touch with each other. He stayed at the truck, as we were way back in the boonies. I hiked a few hundred yards, and had to sit down, as the pain in my legs was terrible. Sitting made it worse, so I then laid down and waited for it to subside. I then started off again. I had covered a fair piece of real estate when I came across a couple more hunters, so I decided that I would circle back towards the truck. I headed for the hills, which took a while to get to. More does. Then, another hunter came out of the hills about 500 yards from me. Now, I am huffing and puffing like a dragon with asthma, and decided that the truck was the place to be. I was sure glad to see it, on the horizon. Took a while to get there, and when I did, Dan said that he was worried about me, and was going to holler at me on the radio. He was amazed that I went as far as I did. If you went down there with a heart attack, they would never find you. We left there and I set up my spotting scope and started glassing the ridges, Dan used his binoculars. I spotted a huge whitetail buck with one doe bedded on the side of a hill between 2 and 3 miles away. We tried to figure out a landmark so that we could come at him from behind. Not a chance. There was no way to come at him from the front at all unless you wanted to crawl the distance.We headed home, and it started to snow. Visibility was terrible.
Thursday, I stayed home. Cold bad visibility, and I could hardly move.
Friday, away I go by myself. Different area. Nice balmy 8 F. Winds around 10 mph. Snow still falling and swirling. Visibility not good.Sat and watched. 7:30 I hear one shot. 7:32 I hear another shot. 7:35 another shot. Then all was quiet again.I watched does scooting all over the place, but no boneheads. The only bonehead that I saw was when I looked in the mirror. I watched a couple coyotes head for some place that was safer, decided to move, got stuck, more does, then decided that I would head for Dennis and Marlene's. Got there in time to see Dennis moving a bunch of manure with the front end loader. He sent me to the house, and Marlene came out of the kitchen across the way. She set me at the table, poured me a BIG glass of homemade wine, and then started hollering at Dennis on the radio. He showed up, and she took off. Shortly she was back with chicken sandwiches, perogies, egg sandwiches, chicken legs and thighs etc. We visited for a while, and I decided that it was time to head home. On departure, they handed me a large box. In it was 2 giant beef salami, a chicken, peach pie, 3 dozen eggs 2 packs of home made dinner rolls and miscellaneous other goodies. I took my time heading home, as the highway was not good.
Sunday, I get a phone call from Dennis. There is a good 4x4 up on the plateau behind his place. I will be down there tomorrow, and hopefully I will be able to find him, and have him in my freezer tomorrow night.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

Good story, have a good hunt and stay safe.
I want to see pics of the 4x4 :o



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Posted 13 November 2012 - 04:47 PM

Red that sounds like a typical outing for me too. Getting old has it's drawbacks but the alternative is rather permenant. Good luck on the 4x4. Be sure to have the radio with you so you can yell for help.
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Posted 16 November 2012 - 02:36 PM

Fred, enjoyed your call and congrats my freind. :)

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