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Cva Wolf Load Question

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 08:29 AM

I received a New CVA wolf for Christmas but not in the original box. It doesn't indicate magnum on the rifle anywhere and I know there are the Wolf and the Wolf magnum. My question is will mine handle the 150gr. powder load even though there is no indication it is a magnum?



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 07:00 PM

I would doubt it.  Most all of the rifles designated as Magnum have 150 gr as their upper limit.  If you do not have a booklet that comes with a new rifle, contact CVA and get one.  I would suspect that 100 grains is the max for one not designated as Magnum.  Having shot and hunted with muzzleloaders since the mid 70s and have found that depending on the rifle 70 to 90 grains will do the job out to 100 yds on deer size game without much if any holdover.  Oh by the way welcome to the site!!

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#3 walkes11



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 03:21 PM

Thanks Runner! I actually contacted CVA yesterday to ask this question and was surprised to hear that they dropped the magnum from the name now since everything they make now is magnum-load capable. I hunt a gasline and may have up to a 150-175yd shot and wasn't sure if 100gr. of pyrodex would do the job. I bought Triple7 pellets yesterday and 338gr. Platinum Powerbelts to start trying to find my grouping. I know it is an elephant load but I kept reading where the lighter PB's were fragmenting with the magnum load. I also just read about a bullet Harvester makes that seems to have impressed some people. One was the Scorpion and the other was the Sabertooth. I plan to try these as well. I'm new to this a just wanted to get a starting point. Have rifle/bow hunted for years but the muzzleloader is new to me. I put the Bushnell Trophy XLT 3x9x40 DOA on my new Wolf. Not alot of money for the scope but read alot of good comments about it. Anyway, thanks for the info and the welcome and I'll let you know how it turned out.

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 04:18 PM

My New Optima is not called a Optima Magnum but can handle 150 grains of PELLETS.  And let me stress this..  when they talk 150 grains, they mean in PELLET form not loose powder. Now for the good news...  you have a great rifle.  And there is no need to shoot 150 grains of powder in any form. Almost 99% of the time you will suffer in accuracy, wallet, and recoil.  I shoot 90 grains of BlackHorn 209 in my Optima and would not even hesitate to shoot 200 yards at a deer if I was sure of the shot.  Penetration wise we are talking and I like a 250 grain Shockwave.


If you are worried about long distance shooting, I know a person that shot an elk at 180 yards and used only 110 grains of Triple Seven powder.  Or at least he claimed to have shot the elk at that distance.  He did shoot an elk as I was shown the photographs of the animal.  The point is.. if an elk can be killed at that distance with 110 grains of Triple Seven..  a deer is a piece of cake.


If you want to try a bullet that will get the job done at any distance you encounter..  and you want a conical bullet.. order some .501 Thor Conicals.  Or better yet, contact Thor bullets   https://thorbullets.com/  and ask them what conical fits a Wolf or ask for a sample sizing pack.  My Optima is a .501 diameter.  A lot of elk and deer hunters with CVA Rifles are shooting these conicals and 90-110 grains of BlackHorn 209 and doing very impressive jobs in accuracy and harvest.  BlackHorn 209 does require a special breech plug that CVA sells for $22.00 (last time I looked).  Also get some real hot 209 primers.  Blackhorn does not require swabbing between shots like other powders either.

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